Child fell in a hot pot filled with rasgullas, died painful death
Child fell in a hot pot filled with rasgullas, died painful death

LUCKNOW: An eight-year-old boy died after falling into a hot pot filled with rasgullas in Hasanpur of Amroha district of Uttar Pradesh. Actually, rasgullas were made for the feast of the child's cousin's shaving ceremony. The event in the family turned into chaos. The joys of the Mundan ceremony turned into mourning. The family cremated the body without any action.

The case is of village Dakewali falling under the Hasanpur Kotwali area. The family of farmer Mahesh Singh lives here. The children of Mahesh Singh's younger brother Veer Singh were to be shaved on Thursday, so preparations were being made for the feast in the house. Late on Wednesday evening, the confectioner had started work after reaching home. They had made rasgulla and kept it in a room of the house. In the meantime, Mahesh Singh's eight-year-old son Hansraj reached there while playing, when the child suddenly fell into the hot pan of Rasgulla.

After the screaming of the child, the family members rushed to the spot. The scorched child was rushed to a private hospital. Where he died on Thursday morning during treatment. There was an outcry in the family as soon as the news was received. The ongoing happiness regarding the Mundan rites turned into mourning. Without any legal action by the relatives, the body was cremated. The deceased was the youngest of six sisters and brothers.

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