Elder brother kills younger man for property lure

Meerut: UP's Meerut police have made a shocking revelation in the murder case. Police revealed the murder of Rahul Verma, a resident of the Thana Mawana area. In fact, the body of a man named Rahul was found on the 25th, after which police revealed the murder and said that Rahul's grandmother had sold 26 bighas of his land in 2019. In return, Rs 85 lakh came into the house. Rahul's elder brother and he got into a fight over the same money dispute. With the same money, 10 bighas of land were also purchased, which led to a wall of hatred between the two brothers over the partition.

Elder brother Anuj gave a contract to his friend for the murder of his younger brother. Rahul's death deal was settled for Rs 4 lakh and an advance of Rs 2.5 lakh was given for which his friend Luv Kumar along with his accomplices planned the murder. Under the planning, Rahul was taken to Hastinapur where he partied with a woman and then fed Rahul with drugs in food. Rahul was strangled to death in an unconscious state and his body was then dumped in the forest on a scooter.

The police had been involved in the murder for the past several days. Several shreds of evidence were scanned for this. Surveillance and other means were also used after which the police arrested Luv Gupta. Rahul's purse and other belongings were recovered from him.

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