Grandson killed his grandfather, said after murder- 'God said...'
Grandson killed his grandfather, said after murder- 'God said...'

There have been many shocking cases from all over the world, meanwhile, another painful case has come in which a 21-year-old man in the US was accused of brutally killing his 81-year-old grandfather. The man stabbed his grandfather in the head and killed him. After the murder, the man described his grandfather as a 'demon' and said, 'God made me do it.' Police have currently arrested him in connection with the murder.

According to a report received, the case is from New Jersey, USA. A man named Jason Vikari was arrested last week in connection with the brutal murder of his grandfather Ronald Vikari. Jason had described his grandfather as a 'monster.' According to police, he received a call on October 19 when he reached the spot and found the body of an elderly man lying in the bathroom of the house with blood. An axe was recovered from the corpse. The call was made by Jason's father himself to the police. When the police questioned Jason in the case, he allegedly said that his grandfather was a "monster" and that "God made me do this."

Jason is said to have threatened his roommate with an axe before carrying out the deadly attack on October 19. Jason's weapon (axe) was recovered by the campus police at that time. But Jason later bought a new axe and carried out the murder.

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