Two accused of raping BSc student in moving Tempo arrested
Two accused of raping BSc student in moving Tempo arrested

ETAH: The shocking incident was carried out in Etah district of Uttar Pradesh. Here in a walking tempo, a BSc student has been raped by some boys. After the incident, the police registered a rape case and sent two accused of rape to jail on a complaint filed by the aggrieved family.

According to the entire incident, the rape victim went for college on Wednesday morning. She did a tempo to go to college. Some of the girls accompanying her were also present in that template. All the girls went off when they came to college. The student got off the tempo, the tempo went ahead. There was another boy with her. The boy who was already on the go raped the student in Tempo.  By then, the girl students who had come before the college gave the information to their teachers. After that, everyone chased the tempo and went about 5 km ahead and grabbed the tempo.

The student was admitted to the hospital and the two accused were handed over to the police. Police have arrested two accused and sent them to jail for allegedly raping the family complaint.

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