Traffic policeman sweeps road for safe driving of people, Watch video
Traffic policeman sweeps road for safe driving of people, Watch video

There are only a few people in the world who believe in helping others. There are very few people who wish for the good of others. A picture which is going viral at this time is making a blast. Seeing this picture, people are saying that along with duty, it is a big thing for people to think. After seeing this picture, people are saying that salute to those who have such noble thoughts. This picture is of an Odisha traffic police employee.


Nowadays, he is in the discussion. He cleaned the gravel-pebbles lying on the road of Shikarpur intersection in Cuttack with a broom. Now his video during that time is going viral. People are not tired of praising him at this time. According to the information received, the traffic policeman's name is Lalit Raut. This video is from last Saturday. It is being told that when he saw on the road on Saturday that there is a lot of pebble-gravel, he picked up the broom and started cleaning it. So that no one becomes a victim of an accident due to this.

During this time one of his companions kept the traffic on hold for a while. Now his video is going fiercely viral. People are also commenting after watching this video. Many people say that there are some people who are working to win the hearts of people. After watching this video, some people are seen reminding the Municipal Corporation of the state about their duty. Police Commissioner of Bhubaneswar Sudhanshu Sarangi also praised Lalit Raut and honoured him at an event.

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