Viju Khote rose to fame with this role in Sholay

Sep 30 2020 07:15 AM
Viju Khote rose to fame with this role in Sholay

Bollywood veteran actor Viju Khote, popularly known as Kalia, was at the age of 78. In fact, Viju Khote had been ailing for a long time and on this day, on the morning of 30th September 2019, he had spoken goodbye to the world by taking his last evening in his Mumbai home. Since then, all his fellows were in grief.

Viju Khote was very famous for the role of Kalia in Shole. Their Shole film dialogue, Sardar maine apka namak khaya hai is very popular among all. He won all his heart in cinema Hindi with his acting. Viju Khote was associated with the film world from 1964 years.

He has made about 300 Hindi and Marathi films in his film career. Viju Khote has worked in many films like Khiladi 420, Karz,mela, sholey and many more.

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