What continues to draw Indian audiences to Bigg Boss 16?
What continues to draw Indian audiences to Bigg Boss 16?

The premiere of Bigg Boss 16 will take place in a few hours. A reality show should run for three to four months in the ideal scenario, and devoted viewers should devote a quarter of the year to following the lives of celebrities who are confined to a house. They certainly don't seem to care. In any case, if not for its profitable runs over the years, we would not have had the 16th season. The audience continues to eagerly anticipate the release of yet another season with eyes wide with hope for some entertainment, despite the fact that some seasons are more successful than others. However, this intrigues me. Why is Bigg Boss so well-liked by the general public? Where is its allure, its pull, hidden? Why don't we investigate?

Given the nature of the reality show, I think it's absolutely appropriate that the Bigg Boss set this year is themed after the circus. Imagine that people are isolated inside a home with no way to leave. In fact, they are completely unaware of the time of day. Bigg Boss, the show's host, serves as the game's ringmaster and sets the rules for the various games that the contestants must participate in. These celebrity contestants are followed around the clock by over 100 cameras, which eventually let down their guard and start to shine. And during all of this, tens of thousands of spectators enjoy amusing themselves at their expense by keeping a close eye on these contestants as they learn to live with, tolerate, or even make friends with their housemates.

They have watched these people on television and may have liked them or despised them depending on how they appeared. Suddenly, as they come to understand their humanity, they go from being far-off figures to being actual people. Their puffy eyes as they wake up, brush their teeth, prepare breakfasts, quarrel over food supplies, and do the dishes are all things viewers’ witness. They occasionally witness the romantic relationship between two (or more) people. When would viewers have the chance to observe and, more importantly, evaluate such close-up random human behavior if not on Bigg Boss?

People recognize a piece of themselves in the competitors in a bizarre but understandable way. On social media, there are countless fan clubs that are prepared to engage in conflict with one another because some members of the audience admire celebrities while others despise them. Some people are drawn to the outgoing, talkative, expressive, approachable personas, while others have sympathy for the underdogs or the reserved, quiet competitors who take their time establishing themselves. Outside the Bigg Boss house, groups of fans are forming based on their favorite contestants, just like groups do inside the house.

Furthermore, it should be noted that Bigg Boss is a show about extremes, and it is here that viewers get the chance to genuinely discover and push their personal boundaries. You would hardly ever find yourself putting up with mirch, masala, detergent, garbage, and other insults in the real world just to try your patience. Where else, after a day of exerting yourself physically and mentally, would you tolerate waking up to loud music? The show may help viewers discover their best selves, but they also may change them in ways they never anticipated. Additionally, they are only one meltdown away from tipping the balance in either direction.

Drama is a given when individuals with different backgrounds, cultures, preferences, philosophies, and temperaments are compelled to live together. The voyeuristic human mind enjoys these situations, just as they stand by the side of the road and watch two strangers fight, when arguments, insults, and fights break out. This is a change from their usual routines. A change from the routine. a chance to act out scenarios while standing in front of mirrors or in the shower and think about what they would say or do if they were discovered in a situation similar inside Salman Khan's home.

Speaking of Salman Khan, the actor is a major factor in the popularity and success of Hindi Bigg Boss. Salman has a sizable fan base in the nation. It's undeniable that he can be a little intimidating, and viewers adore seeing that side of the actor on television. The anticipation for Salman's Weekend Ka Vaar episodes, which are nothing less than Judgment Days, is shared not only by the contestants but also by the viewers. Bollywood's Bhaijaan is renowned for not holding back when speaking. He has been hosting the show for years and is experienced in dealing with various personalities.

He would chastise the select few whose conduct may not have been the best of the best, while a select few would take pleasure in his approval and appreciation. These factors significantly contribute to Bigg Boss's enduring popularity. But perhaps, just perhaps, people enjoy watching petty disputes just as much as they enjoy witnessing someone overcome all odds to reveal their best, most vulnerable, and most potent selves.

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