BJP shows black flags to Rahul Gandhi, CM Baghel said- 'What BJP is opposing'
BJP shows black flags to Rahul Gandhi, CM Baghel said- 'What BJP is opposing'

Raipur: The BJP on Thursday opposed former Congress national president Rahul Gandhi's visit to Rayupar. The activists of BJYM tried to show black flags. CM Bhupesh Baghel has made a scathing attack on this. Talking to the media on Friday, Baghel said that in a democracy, dissent has full respect but there should be a basis for opposition. They just had to protest, so they were protesting.

At the same time, CM Baghel questioned what the BJP is opposing. We are building the Rajiv Mitan Club. They are giving Rs.6,000 to the landless, they are buying 1 crore paddy of the farmers, they are giving four thousand rupees per sack of wages to the collectors of that. Something is being opposed. He said there is a difference between what the BJP says and what it does.

"The BJP has talked about giving 15 lakh, giving employment to two crore persons and doubling the income of farmers by 2022. Today the situation is that the youth are eating sticks for employment. 65% of the country's population is below the age of 35. It is the strongness of the country, but due to wrong policies, this problem is being created which is unfortunate. Baghel said that the CM had done demonetisation with the claim that it would end Naxalism, terrorism, black paddy. He said that if the period is over, then where is the exit from?

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