Why Should You Opt For IndusInd Bank NRE Regular Savings Account?

From safety, easy liquidity, best-in-class banking services, competitive interest rates to a host of attractive benefits, IndusInd Bank’s Non-Resident External or NRE savings account offers it all. What’s more, this rupee savings account enables you to park all your overseas earnings in your homeland.

IndusInd Bank's NRE Regular Savings Account lets you enjoy:

  • Minimal average quarterly requirements
  • 24X7 access international debit card
  • New-age savings account solutions
  • Effortless cheque book usage across India
  • Swift, secure, and seamless international remittance
  • Lucrative NRE account interest rates
  • Risk-free returns
  • Tax-free interest income
  • Rupee savings account with full and free repatriation

Let’s have a detailed look at some exciting features of IndusInd Bank NRE Regular Savings Account.

Easy Money Management

As an NRI, you must have a safe haven to pool your overseas income and manage your investment returns in India. With IndusIndBank’s NRE savings account, you can do just that and more. Store your funds, make and receive payments, transfer funds from abroad, and collect earnings in India.

Attractive Interest Rate Schemes

A savings account offering a competitive interest rate of up to 6% and low minimum balance requirements? That's IndusInd Bank NRE Regular Savings Account for you! IndusInd Bank's NRE savings banking services are purposefully crafted so that your money works for you, and your needs are easily met.

You earn a generous interest on your foreign earnings parked at home at superior rates. Besides that, enjoy full and free repatriation of both your principal savings and interest amount maintained in Indian Rupees. This means the funds in your NRE savings account can be easily converted to foreign currency. And you can take it back to your preferred overseas location.

But that's not it! Instead of holding a high balance, you are only required to maintain Rs. 10,000 to meet the average quarterly balance requirements.

Innovative Banking Solutions

While you can open an NRE account online with pretty much any institution, make the most of it with an innovative NRE savings account at IndusInd Bank. Access the top-of-the-line digital banking – mobile banking, net banking, video branch services with the NRE Regular Savings Account.

What's more, leverage a suite of simplified online and telegraphic options to transfer your funds to India. Comfortably use the NRE savings account to tend to your family needs, fund your investment goals, pay EMIs, make big-ticket purchases, etc., back home.

Hassle-free Banking Operations within India

At IndusInd Bank, perform numerous banking operations within India by opening an NRE savings account. Even when you are abroad, the bank allows you to appoint a mandate holder to take care of the operations on your behalf.

Besides, you can open the NRE Regular Savings Account at IndusInd Bank with a Non-Resident Indian (NRI)/ Persons of Indian Origin (PIO) or a resident Indian close relative.

You receive an international debit card allowing 24x7 access to your bank account anywhere in India and abroad. IndusInd Bank also offers a payable at par cheque book for usage in India.

Tax Exemptions

As per India's current tax laws, the interest income earned on the NRE savings account is exempt from tax deductions.

Eligibility Criteria

The following are eligible to open an NRE Savings Account withIndusInd Bank:

  • NRIs
  • Seafarers of Indian origin/nationality employed with overseas shipping companies
  • PIOs
  • Students pursuing education abroad

IndusInd Bank requires you to have copies of the below-mentioned documentation:

  • Passport’s pages containing personal and passport details
  • PAN card or Form 60 (in the absence of PAN)
  • Document confirming either Indian or overseas address
  • NRI status’s valid proof - Work permit, resident permit, employment visa, etc
  • CDC and employment contract (For seafarers)
  • Recent passport size photograph

As is evident, exclusive benefits and feature-rich banking services with IndusIndBank’s NRE savings account leave little to be desired. Check out the NRE Regular Savings Account features here.

If you're ready to park your funds with IndusInd Bank, apply online or visit the nearest bank branch. Connect with an IndusInd Bank representative via net banking, video branch, phone banking, email, WhatsApp, and more.

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