Wife's head in one hand, knife in the other..., a mad murderer was roaming on the road
Wife's head in one hand, knife in the other..., a mad murderer was roaming on the road

Baghdad: A horrifying video from Iran is going viral on social media, where a man is seen walking around on the road with his wife's severed head. Everyone's soul was shaken after seeing this video. It is being told that the man killed his wife because he had illicit relations with someone. According to Iran's news agency ISNA, police suspect that 17-year-old Mona Hydari was murdered by her husband and his brother-in-law in the southwestern city of Ahvaz, Iran.

The local police have told that two accused have been arrested in this case. Both are being questioned. After this video went viral on Iranian newspapers and social media, there is resentment among the people against the accused. In Iran, the reformist magazine Daily Sanjandgi said on this issue that a woman was beheaded, her head was exposed on the street and the murderer was not ashamed of his actions. How can we accept such a crime. Such a murder of a woman should not happen again. For this the government should take strict steps.

At the same time, Tahmineh Milani, a well-known filmmaker in Iran, wrote on social media that, Mona fell victim to ignoring a serious problem. We are all responsible for this crime. After the murder of Mona Hydari, there has been an increase in the number of calls to reformist lawyers. Women troubled by domestic violence in Iran are raising their voices.

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