'More than 2 children, will not get govt jobs and...,' Yogi govt draft ready
'More than 2 children, will not get govt jobs and...,' Yogi govt draft ready

Lucknow: The state government has started taking legal measures for population control in Uttar Pradesh. The State Law Commission has prepared a draft UP Population (Control, Stabilization, and Welfare) Bill, 2021. It provides for a ban on contesting elections in local bodies ranging from applying to government jobs if there are more than two children. There is also a mention of the non-benefit of government schemes.

The Commission has uploaded the draft on its website. Public opinion has been sought by July 19. The Draft has been submitted by the Law Commission at a time when the State Government is going to issue a new population policy on 11th July. CM Yogi Adityanath has emphasized adopting community-centric awareness programs in particular. According to the Commission, there is no government order to prepare this draft. The draft has been prepared by the Commission with its own inspiration. These steps need to be taken due to limited resources and the large population in UP.

According to the new policy, having more than two children will not provide an opportunity to apply and promote government jobs. It is also proposed to deprive of 77 Government schemes and grants. If it comes into force, within a year, all government officials, employees, elected public representatives in the local body will have to give an affidavit that they will not violate it. He has only two children when the law comes into force and if he produces a third child after giving an affidavit, it will be proposed to cancel the election of the representative and not allow him to contest the election. There is a proposal to promote and dismiss government employees.

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