Yogi Government seized assets worth crores of Mafia don Atiq Ahmed
Yogi Government seized assets worth crores of Mafia don Atiq Ahmed

New Delhi: For six months, the Yogi government has launched a major campaign against several leaders, criminals and land mafia in the state, including Mukhtar Ansari, Attik Ahmed, Sundar Bhati, and several mafias from Purvanchal and western Uttar Pradesh. Mukhtar Ansari's assets worth over Rs 100 crore has been seized so far in the operation.

According to official records, this property was illegally occupied and acquired. At the same time, Mukhtar Ansari's illegal fisheries business, land possession business and arms network were demolished. Mukhtar Ansari's more than 50 people have been jailed for installing gangster acts. Most of the gauze mafia has fallen on don Attik Ahmed. Attik is undoubtedly imprisoned, but from there, the illegal occupation of Attik was flourishing. So far, police have taken action on several of his associates, including dozens of properties.

Zulfikar alias Parrot, a former Bahubali MP who was declared a mafia in Prayagraj, was destroyed. Parrot is called the sharp shooter of the Attik gang. These days he is imprisoned in Agra jail. Parrot is a hitter, he is also engaged in a gangster act. More than two dozen criminal cases have been registered against him.

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