You will get rid of this notification on Facebook soon
You will get rid of this notification on Facebook soon

When you add a new friend using Facebook, there is always a notification saying 'Now connected on Messenger'. Facebook has already prepared to close it. Initially, the company has stated that these alerts will not be found at least to those users who do not start chatting after seeing them. Facebook has realized that this notification coming after adding new friends 'bothers' people. TechCrunch reported that Facebook is working on removing such notifications. 

According to the report, a Facebook spokesman told the Techcrunch, "We've found that some people don't like to see messenger notifications. Therefore, with the help of Machine Learning, we will send it to those people who find it convenient. We respect people's feedback because this helps us to improve our product."  Facebook's Chief Privacy Officer Erin Egan said in a statement, "The company has explored a bug, which makes the post automatically public."

That means if you posted a post on 'Private' setting on Facebook, then it will become 'public' and everyone will be able to see it. Facebook says it has corrected these problems on 22nd May but it is not able to change this setting in all users' posts. Therefore, the company has warned the user to change the 'public' option by sending a notification to the user.

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