Neither the cost of petrol nor the fear of pollution, this 11-year-old child made a unique bike
Neither the cost of petrol nor the fear of pollution, this 11-year-old child made a unique bike

Dehradun: In this scientific life of today, no one is behind, whether it is big or everyone is doing something different, so we all know that young children often focus more on their studies, but do we ever I have not seen any child inventing, but today we will tell you about a similar incident. Recently in Dehradun, a student of class VI has prepared a bike to run on air. In this bike, the air filled in the tires is used as fuel. According to the family of the student, the bike does not cause pollution at all.

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According to information received from sources, it has been learned that recently, an 11-year-old student of bike maker Sant Kabir Academy, Advaita told that while filling the air in the balloon some time ago, he thought of making a bike which was driven by air. Ho. He conducted experiments on petrol and diesel engines with the help of his father, Adesh Kshetri, but was unsuccessful. He then planned to build a new engine. After several months of hard work, he managed to produce an engine that runs completely on air.

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He told that this is a prototype engine, which he will try to bring together with auto companies as a better bike. He informed that the cost, mileage and per km of the bike have not been estimated yet. On this occasion, Amrita Kshetri, mother of Advaita, Speaker of the House Padam Singh Thapa, Vice President Pooja Subba, General Ministers Gopal Kshetri, Prabha Shah, Colonel BM Thapa (Seni), Colonel Jeevan Kshetri (Seni) were present.

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