20 families living in Haryana-Delhi receive threats, Know reason
20 families living in Haryana-Delhi receive threats, Know reason

Chandigarh: Today everyone has been troubled by the stories of increasing crime. Due to this problem, there is a lot of chaos in many people, where 20 families of a community living in the village of Kair and Isarhedi on the Haryana-Delhi border have been threatened to vacate the house till Holi. The number of those threatened is stated to be 60 to 70. On receiving its complaint, Delhi and Haryana Police reached the spot and investigated the matter. The Haryana Police has registered a case of intimidation against unknown people.

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According to the information, in the midst of the panic, a family has locked their house and gone somewhere with the members. For security, Delhi Police has deployed personnel and Haryana Police has deployed PCR. About 500 families from two communities live in both villages. It was told that on Saturday afternoon, the number of 60 to 70 families reached to member of one community. He threatened to leave from here till Holi and evacuate the house. After getting its information on number 100, Delhi and Haryana Police reached the spot.

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Haryana and Delhi Police have given security: While this is also being investigated, the Delhi Police has deployed security forces to protect the said families, then Haryana Police has imposed PCR. People told that the threaters asked them for the name plate and photo on the house. After receiving the threat, Farukhdeen, living here, locked the house and went with five members of his family.

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