6 people rape 13-year-old girl, only 4 arrested by police

Jun 10 2019 02:40 PM
6 people rape 13-year-old girl, only 4 arrested by police

Nowadays the cases of growing crime are all perplexing. The case that has come up is that of Kushinagar where a 13-year-old Dalit minor has been gang-raped. The accused in the case were 6, but only 4 of them have been arrested. The murder of the two-and-a-half-year-old in Aligarh has not yet been calmed down as cases of crime have been reported from all over the place. At present, a 13-year-old minor Dalit in Kushinagar was kidnapped from the house and gang-raped. According to reports in the case, the mother of the girl in Kushinagar had filed a complaint on the issue last Saturday and the police filed an FIR on Sunday.

There are 6 accused in the case who carried out a gang-rape incident with the girl. Homologous of the reports were told that the first was forcibly kidnap and then ganged up with him. After the Gangrape, he was thrown into the house and ran away and the innocent was hospitalized.

In this case, last Friday, the family of the girl's mother, who was having a dispute, had a feast there, and some people were drinking with food. In the case of alcohol, he first abused the victim's mother and then took her daughter away from the house and then carried out the rape.

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