Playing 'Truth or Dare' game boy records obscene video, blackmailed her later
Playing 'Truth or Dare' game boy records obscene video, blackmailed her later

Mumbai: A recent crime case has emerged from Mumbai. In this case, a 14-year-old girl has filed a police complaint against a 13-year-old boy. In the complaint, it has been said that '13-year-old boy shot pornographic videos of the girl and through screen recording option, he was also blackmailing her on social media site.' In the complaint, the girl has told that the boy studies in the same school and are a schoolmate.

In this case, the police has now sent a notice to the boy. In that notice, it has been said that it is mandatory for children to appear in court while filing the charge sheet. In this case, a police officer says that '?I appeal to all parents to monitor their children?s activities online and be aware of whom the child is chatting with as well as the content of their conversations." Talking about the complaint, during the lockdown, both the teens became friends on the social media site and use to do conversations. The boy through the chats recorded an obscene video of the complainant girl. Then the boy started blackmailing her. In this case, the girl said that she had accepted the friend request from an unknown user.

Both of them had a conversation and they became so close to each other that the girl began to trust the boy completely. After this, during the lockdown, both of them started playing the 'Truth or Dare' game through a video calling app. Meanwhile, the boy asked the girl to remove her clothes as a 'dare' and shot it through a screen recording option. He then started blackmailing the girl through the same pornographic video. Not only this but the boy told the girl that if he did not fulfill her demands, he would put this video of her on social media. Now the investigation is going on in this case.

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