In the morning, the businessman's house was robbed in Hyderabad

Oct 07 2020 10:04 AM
In the morning, the businessman's house was robbed in Hyderabad

Thieves are increasing in Hyderabad. Recently, a businessman's house was robbed in Hyderabad. According to reporting, unidentified persons targeted a businessman's house and stolen Rs 15 lakh cash, Rs 30 lakh worth of gold jewellery and other valuables worth several lakhs at BN Reddy Nagar in Rai Durga early Monday morning. The police suspect that there are four domestic aidfrom Nepal behind the robbery.

It should be noted that this incident took place after they were impressed. According to the police, the owner of the house, G. Madhusudan and family members were given a sedative food for monday night dinner. After they went unconscious, they suspect that the house was robbed with the help of the house

The police investigating the dangerous owner revealed that Ravi, Manoj, Janaki and Sita were suspected, while domestic help at home, which has been working for the past 11 months. They said they were currently in paradise. Raidurgam police have registered a case based on The complaint of Madhusudan. Special Operations Team, Law and Order and Central Crime Stations have been formed to track the accused.

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