A family burnt two minor cousins with tongs

Jan 31 2019 10:19 AM
A family burnt two minor cousins with tongs

In Uttar Pradesh’s Gorakhpur, In a skin-crawling incident, two minor cousins were repeatedly burnt with tongs and made to eat human excreta by their upset family members for talking to boys of their school.

According to a source report, the victims who fled from home to get away the suffering were found on Tuesday night in bordering Nepal. They exposed their ordeal to the police and representatives from the Child Welfare Committee, bearing burn injuries on their hands. Once the girls were located, the Gorakhpur police had sent their family to Nepal to bring them back. However, a Nepal-based NGO’s intervention, that contacted a city-based NGO Manav Seva Sansthan, led to timely action and saved the girls from being handed over to the family again.

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Pipiganj’s station house officer Dinesh Mishra told that investigations are underway and the girls were brought back to Gorakhpur with one SI of the NGO. He added that the victims told them they were repeatedly burnt with tongs and forced to feed on human excreta. For now, the victims have been sent to a shelter till further course of action.

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