OMG: This person treated coronavirus with whiskey and honey, here's how
OMG: This person treated coronavirus with whiskey and honey, here's how

Beijing: Right now the world is awed by the threat of corona virus. Hundreds of people have died due to this disease in China and thousands of people have fallen prey to it. But in the meantime a surprising news has come. A person in the grip of coronavirus has cured this dangerous disease by drinking whiskey and honey.

Not only this, this person has also been discharged from the hospital. Conor Reed, the man who kills the Coronavirus by drinking whiskey and honey, is named. The 25-year-old has said that he saved himself from life-threatening illness by drinking whiskey and honey. Although no doctor has officially confirmed his claim, it is still considered shocking. Conor, a teacher, hails from Wales, UK. He was stationed in Wuhan for the past few months. At the same time, he got infected with Coronavirus.

According to media reports, he is the first British citizen to be infected with Corona. Conor had an infection about 2 months ago. He was suffering from severe phlegm and coronavirus was confirmed when examined in the hospital. He says that he used an inhaler and drank very often by mixing honey in hot whiskey. This is an old method of treatment and they feel that this trick has worked. He says he did not take antibiotics as suggested by the doctor.

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