A Remarkable Success Story Of A Dancer Turned Entrepreneur - Alan Beck

A Remarkable Success Story Of A Dancer Turned Entrepreneur - Alan Beck

Alan Beck is a growing digital genius and entrepreneur who wishes to create more opportunities to help people achieve their success goals.

Even when Alan Beck was a kid, he knew he had big dreams in his eyes. He was enthusiastic and passionate about grooming his dancing skills, and one of his dreams was to become one of the best dancers in the world.

But then life took a 180º turn for him when he suffered from compartment syndrome (in the calves) at only 17 years old. Further down the line, he also contracted a glandular fever that left him chained to his bed for seven years. Despite it all, he managed to rise out of the ashes and use his skills to become one of the best marketers worldwide.

Alan Beck was born on 1st November 1985 in Geelong, Victoria state of Australia. He stayed there till the age of 16 and later travelled to the city of St. Kilda in Victoria, Australia. Right from the start, he was a jack of all trades and enjoyed dancing, playing all sport from AFL, Cricket, Soccer, boxing and UFC.

His incredible determination to learn everything about advertising, marketing, making money, business, health and the workings of a human brain pushed him into the field of marketing and more.

Alan dropped out of high school to chase his dreams after winning a scholarship to pursue dancing as his full-time career. At the age of 17, his brilliant dancing skills won him another scholarship to move to the Big Apple, that is, New York!

He was very dedicated while practising his performance, polishing every move to be the finest. He trained at the rate of 100 hours every week to get to the point of winning his ticket to New York, but life had other plans after he got diagnosed with compartment syndrome, which forced him to discontinue his dancing career.

Fortunately for Alan, the hunger for learning never vanished. He got a diploma in remedial massage and cert 3 and 4 in fitness and personal training. In 2011, he managed to build not one but three boot camp businesses, which is when he got diagnosed with glandular fever.

Even though he could barely get out of his bed, he spent seven years of his life learning about advertising, business, health, social media, marketing and anything relating to making money, all because Alan never chose to give up on himself. Even in periods of massive pain, he pushed himself every day.

Bringing a self-curated course for helping influencers grow on Social media without being ‘fake’, he further plans on changing the game of influencer marketing while simultaneously assisting brands in growing.

Despite his success, he managed to maintain his humbleness and even now, the most significant achievement for Alan Beck remains the day he made his first $1,000 per day online and went on for two years creating brands on Shopify and helping clients reach massive success until he went through a breakup and decided to get a job at an Australian Company.

He dedicated himself to an Australian Company and helped it be the fastest-growing company in Australia in 2019/2020. He helped his clients to make over $500k per month through their Shopify stores. He even managed to win the best social media award in Australia with the company, successfully selling on eBay, helping Shopify brands scale from 0 to 7 figures per year account for some of his achievements.

He has worked with enormous e-commerce brands to help them make over seven figures and working with hundreds of influencers for about five years. In return, he saw the reality of the industry.

Alan has studied marketing and advertising every day for almost ten years now. He wishes to help influencers grow and become very high value, so brands want to work with them and get a good return on investment.

The higher the influencer's value, the more money the brand makes, so in return, the brands make more money, and the influencers can charge more because of their higher status and results, making it a win-win between influencer and brand.

You can get in touch with Alan Beck via Instagram & Facebook. Also, check out Alan Beck’s Website for more information.




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