A trainee scientist committed suicide : Bengaluru

Jun 14 2018 08:30 AM
A trainee scientist committed suicide : Bengaluru

A day after Bhavesh Jaiswal, a 23-year-old trainee scientist, jumped from the 12th floor of the building in ITPL premises in Whitefield on Monday evening. The jurisdictional police have booked the company - MU Sigma - for abetment of suicide.

In his complaint, Bhaveshs father Mahendra Jaiswal has stated that his son was facing harassment at workplace and feared getting sacked.


Mahendra, a railway employee, reached the city on Tuesday to complete the legal proceedings to take his sons body. He said his son had shared with him about the pressure and harassment at the workplace, the police said.

Based on his plaint, the Whitefield police have registered a First Information Report against MU Sigma under Section 306 of Indian penal code.

We have recorded the statement of  Mahendra and are waiting for the FSL officials to access the computer and the mobile phone of Bhavesh to corroborate the claims."

Police said that Bhavesh had told his father that he would be sacked. He wanted to resign, but as per company rules he stood to lose a lot of money, hence he couldnt do so.

A police official said that Bhavesh recently joined work after a long leave.  He was under a contract of three years and had joined the company nearly a year ago. We have sought his job contract to go through the clauses,a police officer said.

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