A youth hacked Apple’s server twice to get job
A youth hacked Apple’s server twice to get job

What can you do to get your dream job? Can leave home? Can do hard work? Can you study abroad? Can give a bribe? But hardly try to hack the company's server in which you want to work. In one such incident, a teenager from Australia hacked Apple's server because he wanted to work in the company. The special thing is that the teen did not do this for once but twice.

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An Australian teen hacked Apple’s server because he wanted to work in an iPhone maker company. According to a report from ABC News Australia, a teenager at a school in Adelaide, Australia, had hacked Apple's secure server at the age of 13 in 2015. Not only that, after two years, the teen again hacked Apple's server in 2017 and simultaneously downloaded the company's internal documents and data.

According to the media report that the teenager tried to do this by placing Apple's system in such a way that Apple thought it was not an outsider but an employee of Apple. The motive of the teen was not wrong and now with the help of this hacking he wanted to impress Apple. The teenager did this to prove himself. He had read in a report that a youth from Europe to do this and got a Job offer from Apple.

However, the thing did not go well as the teenager thought, and as soon as Apple discovered this hacking, they complained to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in the US. The FBI contacted the Australian Federal Police, after which further action was taken. At present, the matter is in the court and it has been cleared by the counsel of the teen that during the hacking, The Teenager was not aware of how serious it was or was a crime. No comment has been made from Apple on this matter.

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