'Bring 4 crore and get tickets for election' AAP MLA accuses his own party
'Bring 4 crore and get tickets for election' AAP MLA accuses his own party

New Delhi: As the date of Delhi assembly elections 2020 is approaching, new revelations are also coming out everyday. Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leader and MLA from Delhi Cantt, Surender Singh Commando, has now made serious allegations against his own party after not getting the ticket. Commando Surendra has said that the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) sells tickets with money. Commando Surendra Singh says that the party has given the ticket of the assembly election to my loser by taking money from the candidate.

According to the commandos, money was also demanded from him, so he had given 25 lakh rupees to the party by mortgaging his field and borrowing from friends. But the party demanded 3 to 4 crores from him and when he could not give so much money, the party cut his ticket. The commandos have alleged that in lieu of money, the party was also given a ticket for donations and was asked to complete its money.

The commandos have alleged that when they told the party that they did not have crores of rupees to give, then they were asked to commit money to someone and give money to the party after coming to power and Take the ticket. But his ticket was cut for not cheating the public and not giving more money.

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