Air Pollution and Winter may increase the COVID-19 cases

Oct 23 2020 08:07 PM
Air Pollution and Winter may increase the COVID-19 cases

Randeep Guleria, the Delhi AIIMS Director has said the COVID-19 cases would spike as swine flu spiked in winter. He also pointed out that a data derived from the study in the Italy and China has shown that air pollution may also lead to a higher number of COVID-19. For a question about the ICMR observation, no reduction of COVID-19 mortality rate using the plasma therapy, AIIMS director said it is too early to finalise the decision and we need to look at more data.

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He added, "In ICMR study, a large number of patients who were given plasma already had antibodies. If you already have, giving it from outside may not be of much use". The community spread of COVID-19 pandemic was confirmed by the sero-surveys that found 30 per cent of people are carrying antibodies. He asks people to be cautious.  If people don't take their health in their own hands, they can't blame the government, doctors and hospitals. The doctor is stressing the importance of wearing a mask, washing hands, and maintaining social distance. And during such critical times of the pandemic these must be followed very strictly. 

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As the COVID-19 crisis persists and spreads in a fast manner,  the scientists and drugmakers across the world are involved in a race to find a safe and effective coronavirus vaccine. Currently, 40 vaccines against the SARS-CoV-2 virus are in different phases of clinical test and at least 10 candidates have moved into the final, phase 3 trials. Reinfection is also happening now, a vast study of the vaccine and the immunity in the body are necessary before finalizing the vaccine. 

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