America with India against China, will give fighter jet training
America with India against China, will give fighter jet training

Washington: China's tact has disturbed not only India but many countries of the world. America is also constantly engaged in strategy against China. Now preparations are being made by the US to give new training to fighter jets to India, Japan and Australia in the next few times.

In fact, under the US National Defense Authorization Act, it has been said to provide fighter jet detachment training to India, Australia, Japan by the year 2021. This training will be given in Guam in the maritime region near the US, where some time ago there was a thought to make the location of fighter jet training between the US and Singapore. Information was given about this in the US Parliament on Thursday. That is, India, Australia and Japan will be included in the agreement that was signed between the US and Singapore. Its purpose is that America can help its friendly countries and prepare them for the challenges to come.

Under this, many types of missiles will be deployed in the Indo-Pacific region, including long range anti ship missiles. Considering the increasing dominance of China in this area, it is being considered effective according to the long-term strategy. With this, America will also create a forward post in this area, where preparations can be made in any situation.

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