American company Novavax latest to start human trial of Covid-19 vaccine
American company Novavax latest to start human trial of Covid-19 vaccine

Washington: A US biotechnology company has announced the start of human trials of the global epidemic coronavirus drug in Australia. The company has expressed the hope that this epidemic will come in medicine this year. Researcher Dr. Grigori Glenn, head of biotechnology company Novavax, has said that the company has started the first phase of the test. In which the drug will be tested on 131 volunteers from the cities of Melbourne and Brisbane.

Glenn said in an online press conference from the NovaWax's Maryland-based headquarters, "We are producing drugs and vaccines as well, thinking that we will be able to show that it is effective and that it will be available to the public by the end of the year." Will be able to provide It is noteworthy that in China, America and Europe, about a dozen experimental drugs are in the initial phase of testing or their testing is about to begin. It is not clear whether any of these drugs will prove to be safe and effective or not, but many drugs work in different ways and are manufactured with different techniques, this has raised the expectation that Any medicine can be effective.

Let us tell you that 'Novavax' said last month that we do not even touch the virus in the medicine we prepare, but in the end it looks like a virus for immunity. ' Let us tell you that there has not been any official announcement yet to become a corona vaccine.

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