China threatens Australia, says' You will face problem If you support America'
China threatens Australia, says' You will face problem If you support America'

Beijing: China's state media has threatened Australia amid the worldwide corona epidemic. China has threatened that if Australia supports America in trade war, it will be very painful, China further threatened that if Australia comes in support of America then it will face a lot of problems.

Following a statement by the United States on Friday that it was going to ban 33 Chinese companies, China's state media described the move as the beginning of the Cold War between the two countries. At the same time, according to an article in the Global Times, Australia should remain silent like India, the article said that Australia should stay away from this whole dispute to save both countries from harm. This article threatening Australia clearly states that China can punish Australia more strictly than the US, because China's economic dependence on Australia is less. The article states that America is the number-1 export market for China. At the same time, Australia is at number 14 in this case. The article states that China will enjoy more in teaching Australia a lesson.

This clearly means that Australia will suffer more losses than the US. Meaning Australia will have more pain. Apart from this, it has been written in the article that the Trump administration has so far failed to deal with the coronavirus. In such a situation, he is blaming China for this virus to divert people's attention.

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