John Favreau invited Arman Malik for this film

Jul 09 2019 10:14 AM
John Favreau invited  Arman Malik for this film

Bollywood names have also been voiced for the premiere of the much-awaited live animation film The Lion King in Los Angeles for release in the US and India next week. Singer Arman Malik has received an invitation to the film's director John Favreau for its premiere.

Now, Kangana gave such a statement on Zaira's Bollywood quit!

Singer Arman Malik will be seen singing Hakuna Matata, the favourite song of children and elders in the film. While Hakuna Matta is a song that has been humming children for the past two-and-a-half decades to relieve any tension, the song in the film comes at a time when two friends from an unknown world gather to get out of depression.

Leaving Mummy Kareena Taimur enjoys with Papa Saif

This emotional story of jungle king Mufasa and his son Simba first landed on the film screen 25 years ago. The real aim is to overcome all the hardships of Simba with the help of his spirits and friends, surrounded by royal conspiracies and cunning and deceitful animals. 

Apart from Hakuna Matta, two more songs of the film have been classic, out of which Can You Feel the Love Tunit is sung by Arman Malik this time in Hindi with Sudip Chauhan. The film will be released in India on July 19.





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