Artist Giulia Tosi on helping new singers to grow and showcase their skills

There's talent in every house. But do you think that each of these gets a chance to put their skills in the public's view? Not at all. Right? What if we said that there's someone who wishes to boost the visibility of these obscure talents? Without mumbling further, here's what we have found out: the aced singer Giulia Tosi is encouraging new singers to find their place in the industry.

The singer herself was once a raw and undiscovered talent. After encountering a cosmic number of hurdles, she finally built her edifice of success. Giulia Tosi helps new singers by introducing them to local clubs, events and city auditorium performances. She has also helped a few by supporting them to perform at events in other cities.

Don’t we know how humble Giulia Tosi is? And now, with all this benefactor's qualities, she is becoming even more admired. The songstress has also trained a few people with every ounce of wisdom about the music industry.

"I've been there... The struggles that they are facing were once a part of my life. The simple motive behind helping new talents is that I understand how it feels to be impuissant and unable to showcase your powers to the world," said the singer Giulia Tosi.

Tell us, is every person that you have come across helpful? Of course not! Only a few people have the audacity to come forward and lend a helping hand. Giulia Tosi is undoubtedly one of them and we can’t thank her enough. She is the most credible source of inspiration, not only as a singer but also as a human.

Being a law graduate, Giulia Tosi also works for her family business. She has a conspicuous family following on Instagram and other social media channels. The singer's spellbinding voice has been treating our souls for years and we hope she finds more success.

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