Assailants attacked a property dealer and a bystander in Delhi

May 31 2019 10:06 AM
Assailants attacked a property dealer and a bystander in Delhi

New Delhi: A group of assailants attacked a property dealer and a bystander in Jyoti Nagar area on Wednesday night. The victims were shot and stabbed multiple times, to the extent that their next of kin could hardly recognise their bodies.

Delhi Police has arrested three 19-year-old suspects in connection with the murders but are yet to locate and arrest the main culprit, Anil.

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According to the report, Govind Bhati who is a resident of Meet Nagar area, Govind Bhati was riding pillion on his friend's motorcycle at around 10.30 pm on Wednesday night when the two-wheeler halted to give way to a wedding procession. Seconds after the road was clear of the procession, Govind was attacked by a group of men who shot at him four-five times. Bhati attempted to fight back but the assailants continued to stab him mercilessly as scores of bystanders witnessed the murder in plain view.

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22-year-old Akash Verma. Was also attacked by the criminial. A salesman employed with a footwear store in Seelampur, Verma was standing not far from where Bhati waited for the wedding procession to pass. It is still unclear as to what led the attackers to believe that Akash was related to Bhati. However, this did not stop the group of armed assailants from pumping multiple bullets in his chest before stabbing him.

Delhi police personnel arrived at the spot within minutes and rushed both Bhati and Verma to a nearby hospital where they were declared dead on arrival.


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