Father sold his own 4-month-old daughter due to lack of money

Jul 23 2020 04:08 PM
Father sold his own 4-month-old daughter due to lack of money

Guwahati: A shocking case has come to light from Assam. Here a person sold a 4-month-old girl for 45 thousand rupees due to lack of money. The incident has come out from the Kokrajhar district. Initial investigations have revealed that due to the lockdown in Corona, a family went so strapped that they sold their baby girl. The father of the innocent is the one who sold her.

This father of three children faced a big problem when due to Corona there was complete lockdown all around and all the means of earning were closed. The whole family got trapped in poverty. Unemployment of the last four months forced this man to sell his baby girl. The name of this person is Deepak Brahma who is a migrant worker by profession. Deepak used to work in Gujarat, but had to flee to Assam after the lockdown. Some of the money left over was spent returning home from Gujarat. After reaching home, he had neither money left nor any work. Even he had no food to eat. Apart from selling his own daughter, there was no other option. Deepak sold the girl, but a local NGO there got information about it. This NGO contacted the Kokrajhar police and rescued the girl.

The villagers of Deepak also assisted in this work. The police immediately arrested him, who bought the girl or helped her. In this case, 3 people have been arrested and a case has been registered under section 370 of IPC. Among the three people arrested by the police is the father of a girl from whom she sold him. A broker was also caught who was involved in this work.

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