At Hyderabad airport, gold worth Rs 1.36 crore was seized.

HYDERABAD: A passenger was detained at Rajiv Gandhi International Airport on Saturday with gold worth Rs 1.36 crore, according to Customs officials.

On Friday, the passenger arrived through 6E 025 from Dubai. Officials discovered 2,715.800 grammes of gold items worth Rs 1.36 crore on him and seized them. Inside hand luggage and check-in luggage, gold chains and gold paste were hidden.

This is the latest in a string of gold smuggling incidents that have been discovered at the airport this month. Customs authorities confiscated 1.48 kg gold worth Rs 72.80 lakh from three female travellers arriving from Dubai on January 11.

Three separate cases were used to seize the gold. Two of the passengers hid the money in their underwear, while the third kept it hidden in his rectum. Officials recovered 442.6 grammes of gold worth Rs 21.70 lakhs from a traveller who came from Dubai on January 10. The gold in paste form was hidden inside a specially sewn undergarment compartment.

They had retrieved gold in paste form from a passenger the day before, who had hidden it in bandages wrapped to the calves of both legs. A male traveller arriving from Sharjah was detained with 970 grammes of gold worth Rs 47.55 lakh.

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