Haj pilgrims will not be able to take food items with them

Nov 22 2020 11:25 AM
Haj pilgrims will not be able to take food items with them

Bareilly: Pammi Khan Warsi, founder of the Uttar Pradesh-based Bareilly Haj Seva Samiti, has said that the guidelines issued by the Haj Committee of India for the Haj pilgrimage of 2021 have been told. Azmin A Hajj has to apply Hajj accordingly. He said that there are clear instructions in the guidelines regarding banned items.

He stated that there is a strict prohibition on taking poppy seeds, Viagra tablets, ginse oil or cream, masnui kafur, cystone, khamira, gutkha, khaini, gul, pipermant or any such intoxicating substance in any form. The journey of Azmin carrying such material will be cancelled. Fines will be severely fined and Saudi Arabia will return it. It can not carry items with the risk of fire, such as kerosene, petrol and stoves etc. If any Azmin-e-Hajj finds a prohibited item, it will be punished according to Saudi law.

There is a strict prohibition on bringing any kind of political literature, photographs or any such items in Saudi Arabia. The Saudi government has strictly warned that the person defending these caliphates will be given the harshest punishment. Food is prohibited both cooked or raw, so Azmin-e-Haj should be allowed to carry oil, ghee, pickle, chutney, fish, sweets, vegetables, fruits or other prohibited items like these along with their goods or in some other way.

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