Bhim Army Chief Chandrasekhar detained in Hyderabad, sent to Delhi
Bhim Army Chief Chandrasekhar detained in Hyderabad, sent to Delhi

New Delhi: Bhim Army chief Chandrasekhar was detained in Hyderabad on Sunday. Chandrasekhar went to the Tata Institute of Social Science (TISS) in Hyderabad, from where the police took him to custody. Chandrasekhar was scheduled to join a protest against the CAA-NRC. At the same time, Chandrasekhar has now been flown from Hyderabad to Delhi with a flight of 6.55 in the morning.

Earlier, information about being taken in custody on Sunday was given on social media by Chandrashekhar. Azad arrived at the Crystal Garden Mehndipatnam to address the students. In this tweet it was said, 'dictatorship is at the peak in Telangana. People are being stripped of their right to protest, first our people were charged with sticks, then I was arrested. Now I have brought me to the airport, sending them to Delhi. Telangana government, remember Bahujan society will never forget this insult, I will come back soon. '

It is being told that Chandrasekhar Azad was involved in the CAA-NRC protests in the area within the boundary of the Langerhouse Police Station. While the police said that the protesters had not taken permission for this protest. Police said they were detained before taking part in protests against the CAA-NRC under the Langerhouse Police Station boundary.

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