Burnt innocent with hot iron due to superstition

Jun 02 2019 03:58 PM
Burnt innocent with hot iron due to superstition

Recently a case of crime has surfaced from Bhopal. In this case, the Human Rights Commission has written a report to the police in the tribal-dominated Shahdol district for the burning of innocent children due to superstitions. In this case, an innocent girl was burnt with a hot iron rode, the police have registered a case against three people, which is very full of geniality. In this case, in the village Kherwaha village of Gohparu police station area, the newborn was stained with a hot iron during the blind faith of his family.

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According to the reports, a few days before today, a similar case came up from Dudhi village of Singhpur police station area. In that case, a five-month-old malnourished child was stained with an iron rod in the stomach and back, causing the child to die. At the same time, in this case, the MPHR has sought a detailed report from Shahdol District Superintendent of Police on the incident.

With this, he has also sought information about the efforts of public awareness for the prevention of such superstitions in the district. Nowadays, there are many such issues that are astonishing in cases of crime.

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