Bihar: Miscreants loots truck after claiming themselves police, case registered
Bihar: Miscreants loots truck after claiming themselves police, case registered

Gaya: In Bihar, where the ordeal of criminals is not taking a name to stop, in Imamganj block of Gaya, Bihar's most Naxalite affected district, where the criminals are now committing a criminal act in a different way and 500 of it. The police station located at a distance of meters also did not hit.

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Armed criminals looted 2 trucks after threatening the truck drivers and the Khalasi, near the market on Darsial Imamganj Dumariya Main Road late Thursday. The culprits carried out the incident in a filmy manner and no one was aware of the incident till Friday morning. The police came to know about the incident when the driver and the Khalasi leave from the clutches of criminals and informed police from a villager's mobile. After this, local businessmen reported the incident to the police.

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In connection with this incident, the drivers Anil Kumar and Santosh Kumar Nonian told that they had come to Sherghati with cement from Pahlaja for Dihri Rohtas. There, the cement was emptied and reached to load the paddy at Imamganj. The truck was parked on the road and we were in the truck when some people came there and said, "We are the police, get down and after getting down, we took them in bolero and covered the blankets and escaped by robbing the trucks." At present, the police have registered a case and are under investigation.

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