British journalist made shocking revelations about Katie Price and Boris Johnson

British model Katie Price always remains in the headlines for her glamorous looks and personal life. Now British journalist Piers Morgan has made a shocking disclosure about Katie Price and PM Johnson. A columnist for The Sun stated that, "The prime minister closed his eyes after 43-year-old Hollywood model Katie Price showed her breasts to Boris Johnson at a dinner party in Italy."

Pierce, 57, wrote, "Price has gone through a lot in the last 20 years, with a lot of attention to her looks and lifestyle. I remember well, a few years ago a source close to me said that during a dinner party in Italy, Katie Price told our current PM Boris Johnson about her horrific surgery that she suddenly had her breasts (Surgically Enhanced Cleavage). were shown." The TalkTV host also shared an important point about Katie and her former 'Britain's Got Talent' co-star. Katie Price proposed sex to Simon Cowell. He also shared this with Piers Morgan. Pierce said about this, "I remember you were very angry at Simon Cowell's 50th birthday party, because he also turned down your offer to have sex."

Pierce had explained a lot to Katie about this, because she was very upset by this. He said about this that you have to take care of yourself. For the sake of your children, you have to keep yourself strong. According to the news, British model Katie Price underwent surgery on her entire body last year. He had said that he had a lot of pain in between the surgeries. They thought that now she was just going to die. Not only this, Katie also said that after the surgery, she looked like a scary ghost from a horror movie. Katie went to Turkey with her fiancé Carl Woods to have surgery.

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