Britney's pain after losing the unborn baby, said, 'We lost our baby...'

The joy of becoming a mother has been the best. A woman's motherhood life starts when she is pregnant. Things begin to change inside her and she waits only for nine months to see her baby. However, for some mothers, their world breaks down when for some reason they lose their newborn baby. Something similar has happened with the famous papa singer Britney Spears.

Britney Spears' happiness has been shattered when she was miscarried. Just last month, the Pop singer said that she and her fiancee Sam Asghari were expecting their first child. Now this couple has lost their baby. She wrote, "It is with great sadness that we have lost our baby at the beginning of our pregnancy. This moment is heartbreaking for any parent. Maybe we should have waited longer to tell this Good News to the world until we got along. However, we were very excited to share this good news. Our love for each other is our strength. We are going to continue our efforts to take this beautiful family forward. '


Britney and Sam thanked the fans for their support and have also sought some privacy to deal with the difficult moment. Brittany wrote in the caption: "We express our gratitude for what we have in the midst of the process of taking the family forward. Thank you for your support to the people. Something good will happen to us soon. It was the first child of Britney and her fiance Sam Asgary, while this was going to be the singer's third child. Earlier, Britney has 2 children from ex-husband Kevin Federline. In April 2022, he shared a post on Instagram and told fans about pregnancy. It was written that he had got the test done and the result came positive. After which she also shared a cute note.


If you know, Britney Spears had also heard a lot of discussions about her guardianship case with her father in the past. In the midst of conservatorship, her father had forced her to take birth control, due to which she was unable to conceive, however, after a long legal battle of 13 years, the singer got freedom from her father's clutches in November 2021.

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