Canadian singer Jacob Hoggard convicted in sexual assault case

Canadian singer Jacob Hoggard is the subject of headlines these days. Hoggard was booked for sexual assault on behalf of a woman. In this case, the court had now given its verdict. Singer was found guilty by the court on Sunday in a sexual harassment case filed by the woman. At the same time, singer Jacob has also been acquitted on the charge of sexual harassment by a teen-age fan. Jacob Hoggard, 37, has been convicted of not touching a minor fan inappropriately and sexually assaulting him. Let me tell you that when this incident took place, the teenager was less than 16 years of age. As soon as the court's decision came in favour of the singer, he hugged his wife in the courtroom itself.

Singer was accused by prosecutors of trying to inappropriately touch the minor girl after the Headley Show in Toronto in April 2016. In the meantime, the teenager was only 15 years old. After which, when she turned 16, singer took her to a hotel in Toronto and sexually assaulted her. After which, both the women alleged that after the rape, injury marks were also found everywhere on their bodies. Along with Balatkar, he has also accused the singer of slapping him and using objectionable words for him.

However, following these allegations, Jacob Hoggard has given his explanation to Adtal, saying that after the minor was 16 years old, he had sexually had sexual relations with the singer of his own free will. Both agreed with what happened. He had never touched the minor incorrectly until he was 16 years old .

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