Aziz Qureshi gives provocative statement at rally, case registered
Aziz Qureshi gives provocative statement at rally, case registered

The citizenship law has been opposed for a long time. A case has been registered against former Governor Aziz Qureshi for making provocative speeches against this law. He is accused that Qureshi provoked the mob against the CAA on 23 February. A case has been registered against him in Galsheed police station under sections 145, 149, 143 and 188 of the IPC. On 23 February, former Governor Aziz Qureshi arrived as a keynote speaker in the ongoing protest against CAA at Idgah ground in Moradabad. He told the protesters that the Modi government at the center has ordered all the states to provide space for detention centers. Fearing people, former Governor Aziz Qureshi said, "People have to be kept in these Detention Centers. They want to build such camps that Hitler had built earlier to hold the Jews, hostage. ''

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He also said that it is not a matter of your father and grandfather to ask for evidence from Muslims. He further said, "Amit Shah and Modi must be thinking that they will scare the Muslims. I say that Muslims fear Allah only." He further said, "You want the Muslims to give you some evidence, then it is not a matter of your father's grandfather and I say that if anyone in Hindustan asks for evidence from the Muslims, then he should be strangled. No power can ask for proof from you."

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Aziz Qureshi said, "Muslims have given these jungles after independence and will tell this to Amit Shah and Narendra Modi. We are true to the spirit of Islam and are loyal to the country. If someone puts a hand on our character, we will cut it and throw it away. Amit Shah and Narendra Modi, BJP and Sangh Parivar, have the same objective to make India a Hindu country. But we will not let their intentions succeed. People sitting here do not have to fear, there will be lots of notices. ''

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