China plans to ban 'online games' after midnight...!
China plans to ban 'online games' after midnight...!

The government of China has seen irregularity in the routine of their children’s gaming habit. The children are more active on the internet after midnight to play online games. Therefore the government has planned to ban the children from playing games at night. A new rule designed to combat internet addiction amid rising concerns over mushrooming military style "boot camps" treatment centres.

If this new regulations makes an effect on the people, web game developers will have to block children below 18 to play online games from midnight to 8 PM in  the morning. The gamers will have to register their names and identity card numbers, which will be stored in the operator’s server.

This “boot camp” treatment therapy is military practice which is a topic to be worried about as, the number of “boot camps are increasing” and are being flourished in China.

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