Civil aviation sector contributes to growth phase: Scindia
Civil aviation sector contributes to growth phase: Scindia

NEW DELHI: The growth phase of India's civil aviation sector is being fueled by the contributions it makes. Union Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia expressed his belief that the sector is experiencing a promising start, with domestic airlines expected to increase their fleet size from the current 720 planes to 1,500.

Highlighting the significance of the civil aviation sector in boosting India's economic power, Scindia emphasized the substantial aircraft orders placed by various airlines, including Air India. He remarked, "India is reaching for the sky... This marks the inception of the growth phase for the civil aviation sector," just before the inauguration of the Delhi airport's fourth runway and the Eastern Cross Taxiways (ECT).

Scindia further revealed his request to the Delhi airport operator, DIAL, for the completion of the fourth terminal by October. G M Rao, the Group Chairman of GMR Group, stated that the ECT and the fourth runway will significantly improve operational efficiency and enhance capacity. These statements were made during the inauguration ceremony of the airport's fourth runway and the ECT.

About ECT: Eastern Cross Taxiways (ECT) are a vital component of modern airports, providing efficient and safe routes for aircraft to navigate between runways and terminals. These taxiways are strategically designed and constructed to streamline ground movements, minimizing congestion and optimizing air traffic flow. Situated on the eastern side of the airport, the ECT system comprises a network of interconnected taxiways, allowing aircraft to traverse the area swiftly and effectively. With clearly marked signage, lighting, and designated lanes, ECT facilitates seamless taxiing operations, ensuring smooth transitions between different parts of the airport. This well-organized infrastructure plays a crucial role in enhancing airport operations, enabling airlines to maintain schedules, reducing delays, and enhancing overall passenger experience.

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