CM Dhami to celebrate Diwali with labourers after rescue from Uttarkashi tunnel
CM Dhami to celebrate Diwali with labourers after rescue from Uttarkashi tunnel
After rescuing 41 people from Uttarkashi tunnel, everyone was taken to Community Health Center Chinyalisaur. Preliminary investigation of 41 laborers was done. On Wednesday, everyone has been sent to AIIMS Rishikesh again for medical examination. All the workers have been sent to AIIMS Rishikesh from Chinyalisaur by Chinook helicopter of the Indian Air Force.
Before this, CM Pushkar Singh Dhami reached Community Health Center Chinyalisaur to inquire about the condition of the workers rescued from Silkyara Tunnel. The CM has also invited the families of the workers to celebrate Diwali at the Chief Minister's residence in Dehradun. Meanwhile, the CM, along with providing checks of Rs 1 lakh to each worker rescued from the tunnel, also gave Rs 50,000 each to the workers who did manual digging using rat mining technique for pipe pushing in the last round of the rescue operation. Has announced to give incentive amount of Rs. 
CM Pushkar Singh Dhami inquired about the well-being of every worker admitted in the hospital. He obtained information from the doctors about the health benefits and medical treatment of the workers. The CM has also taken stock of the various facilities being provided to the workers. He appreciated the morale of the workers.
Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami, while talking on mobile to the mother of Pushkar of Tanakpur, Champawat, among the rescued workers, gave information about Pushkar and said that the state government has fulfilled its promise by rescuing all the workers safely. The Chief Minister told Pushkar's mother that all the workers along with Pushkar are safe.
Soon, after getting tested at the Higher Centre, Pushkar and other workers are going to be sent to their homes. CM Pushkar Singh Dhami also met the families of the rescued workers. He has called the courage, morale of the workers and the patience of the family members as well as the tireless hard work of all the agencies and personnel involved in the rescue operation as the basis of the success of this operation.
Dhami has said that PM Shri Narendra Modi was constantly keeping an eye on the operation to safely rescue the workers trapped in the tunnel and he was always concerned about the well-being of the workers. Under the guidance of the PM, the Government's commitment to save the precious lives of the workers and the unwavering faith shown by the families as well as the public has played an important role in making this very complex, challenging and risky rescue operation successful.
CM has said that due to the tunnel accident, we all were not able to celebrate Diwali this time, now after all the workers were safely rescued, we have celebrated Diwali today. On this occasion it was said that all the workers were found fine in the preliminary medical examination. As a precaution, these workers are going to be sent to the Higher Center for advanced medical examination. 
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