MP: Corona-infected mother dies, son committed suicide

May 09 2021 12:27 PM
MP: Corona-infected mother dies, son committed suicide

Many people are losing courage in the corona. After losing their loved ones, there are many who are losing courage and destroying themselves. Now, recently, a case has come to light from Indore in Madhya Pradesh. Here a young man lost himself a few days ago because his mother left the world. He had been in shock ever since. The youth could not bear the pain of losing his mother and now he too has committed suicide by hanging himself. In fact, Avi Singh Chauhan, a 26-year-old youth living in the Tilak Nagar police station area of Indore, and his mother had become infected with a corona in the past.

After that Avi recovered, but his mother could not recover and died. Avi has been in depression since his mother's death. He then committed suicide by hanging himself in his house. There was no one at home when the incident took place. Avi's wife was also reportedly gone to his father's home. In the entire case, police said, Avi first called his cousin Romil resident Rajendra Nagar last Friday morning. He said to his brother, "I am shocked by my mother's death. I am hanging myself.''

He then said the same thing to his wife over the phone. Meanwhile, the wife called Romil nervously and told him the whole story. Soon Avi stopped receiving the phone. Romil then reached his house and informed the police. The door was locked from inside at that time and Avi was hanging from the snare when he broke the door. The police are now investigating the entire case.

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