'Death' virus return to China, 63 new cases revealed from Wuhan
'Death' virus return to China, 63 new cases revealed from Wuhan

Beijing: Coronavirus cases have once again accelerated in China. After a long period of devastation, new cases of corona in China were completely closed, but now they are coming back. About 63 new coronavirus cases have been reported here, with the total number of cases in the second phase crossing 1000.

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According to China's Health Department, 61 of the 63 new cases reported on Wednesday are from outside. There is a danger that the coronavirus wave may recur. These cases have come to light on the day when the curfew has been lifted from Wuhan after a long time and thousands of people have suddenly come out. Apart from 63 newly arrived cases, there have also been two deaths in China, with the death toll from Coronavirus reaching 3335.

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The total number of cases has crossed 81 thousand. In the second phase, the number of coronavirus cases in China has increased to 1104. After three months of hard work China was successful in defeating the Coronavirus, about 73 days of lockdown has also been removed from Wuhan. Now suddenly in the last one week some new cases have started coming up again. China's Health Department believes that this is because a large number of people are moving here and there after the removal of the lockdown.

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