Crime show inspires woman to abduct 8-yr-old girl

INDORE: Indore police on Tuesday arrested all four accused, including mother and her three children in connection with abduction of eight-year-old girl child. A police team rescued girl from Bhopal.

Superintendent of police Avdhesh Kumar Goswami, accused Munnibai Sen, 45, wife of husband Deshraj Sen, her daughters Aarti Sen, 22, Sapna, 19 and son Vijay alias Golu Sen abducted Payal Solanki from Swasthya Nagar on December 24 in order to get clue of her missing husband.

SP Goswami added that Munni got an idea about crime from one television crime shows.

During interrogation, accused claimed that they got an idea of abducting the girl after watching television crime shows. In one of the shows, a woman abducts son of her husband's killers and forces a confession out of him.

Following this, accused made elaborate plan and on December 24 they abducted Payal.

According to information, Munnibai’s husband, who owed money to the victim's family, had gone missing around eight months ago. Munni believed that the victim's family was behind it and wanted to force a confession out of them by abducting the girl.

Before this, Munnibai and her children came in limelight when they sat on railway tracks threatening to commit suicide, if her husband was not traced by the police. At that time she alleged that police intentional not helping her.

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