Darbar Sahib decorated with 222 quintals of flowers, Guru Ramdas Ji's 487th Prakash Parv today
Darbar Sahib decorated with 222 quintals of flowers, Guru Ramdas Ji's 487th Prakash Parv today

Amritsar: The 487th Prakash Parv of Shri Guru Ramdas Ji, the fourth Guru of Sikhs, who settled Amritsar Sahib, is being celebrated today. Darbar Sahib has been decorated with 222 quintals of 115 varieties of flowers on the occasion. Devotees from all over the country have decorated it with flowers as well as beautiful lights. The decoration is so adorable that you will be left watching it. Last year, nearly 1.50 lakh devotees had arrived here due to the corona epidemic, but this year more than 2 lakh devotees are expected to visit Darbar Sahib to pay obeisance.

According to the report, 5 flower trucks from Calcutta, Delhi, Pune and Bengaluru came here in addition to Thailand, Indonesia. The flowers of Chrysanthemum, Rose, Marigold, Zarbera, Sone Champa, Orchid, Lilium, Carnation, Tiger Flower, Singapore Draft, Star Flower, Elkonia, Kamal Genda, Hylander, Lotus and Pearl have been used for the decoration of gurudwara. More than 100 devotees from Mumbai have arrived in Amritsar under the direction of Iqbal Singh only for floral decorations. Beautiful flowers will be decorated at Darbar Sahib on Friday. There will also be a special Kavi Sammelan at night.

Fireworks will be set off at Darbar Sahib in the evening. Sweets will also be distributed along with delicious dishes at the anchor. Fireworks will be the centre of attraction on Prakash Parv. It will be pollution-free and environment-friendly fireworks for which a 15 member team is ready. The beautiful water will also be decorated this evening. Deepmala will also be held in the evening and lamps will be lit in parikrama throughout Darbar Sahib.

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