Daughter was living with her mother's body for 10 days

Lucknow: A shocking incident has been heard in the capital Lucknow. For several days after the mother's death, the daughter was living alone with her body. The smell of the corpse reached the neighbours, the police were informed, then the body was taken out. Police have now sold the woman's body for post-mortem. Her 30-year-old daughter has been sent to close relatives.

The incident is being reported from Mayur Residency, a posh colony in the Indira Nagar police station area. Where Sunita Dixit, a retired engineer from HAL, was living alone with her daughter. After being divorced from her husband about 10 years ago, the mother had been living in house number 26 of her daughter of Mayur's Residency. It is being said that on Friday afternoon, the Indira Nagar police were informed by the locals about the foul smell emanating from the house. For several days, the mother-daughter was not even visible to the neighbours, so the police were called in anticipation of the disaster. 

When the police reached the spot, there was a foul smell from the house. Daughter Ankita was in the other room. When seen from the window, Sunita Dixit's body was lying inside the room, the door was locked from the inside. The police had to break the door and remove the body. At present, in the initial investigation, 30-year-old  daughter Ankita was found to be mentally ill, after the interrogation, the close relatives have been informed. Police have sent the body for post-mortem and have also handed over the daughter Ankita to her maternal uncle. How did the mother die and why did the daughter hide the death? Why didn't you give the corpse? The police are now investigating all these aspects, which is why the body was sent for post-mortem. In this case, inspector Indira Nagar has spoken that according to the daughter, the mother had been suffering from illness for a long time. So, a post-mortem is being conducted to find out the cause of death.

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