Mad lover entered house and committed murder over broke up

New Delhi: A convicted criminal barged into his girlfriend's house and brutally murdered her as soon as he came out of jail in the Uttam Nagar area of the national capital and fled. According to information, the girl had broken up with the accused Vikas and was in a relationship with another youth. With this, Vikas got enraged and as soon as he came out of the jail, he entered the house of the young woman and stabbed her several times with a surgical blade after beating her. Which led to the death of the young woman. As soon as the incident came to light, the Uttam Nagar police station arrested Vikas. Further action is in progress.

Police said the accused Vikas was of criminal nature. In one case he was serving the sentence. On May 12, as soon as he came out of jail, he contacted his girlfriend. The young woman didn't pay any attention while not talking to him. Vikas came to know that she had an affair with another young man, so he got angry. On Sunday, he arrived at the young woman's house with two friends. At first, he beat the young woman severely. Then asked for the address of her alleged new boyfriend. When the young woman refused to give her the address, he kicked the young woman and punched her and then put her head on the wall. Even in this, Vikas was not satisfied, so he stabbed the young woman's face and body with a surgical blade several times.

When the girl's family tried to save her, Vikas also assaulted them and then fled from the spot. The injured girl was taken to the hospital by the family, but by then it was too late. The young woman was dead. The family members reported it to the police, after which Vikas was arrested in connection with the murder case. 

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